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FCC Capital Charitable Organization Policy

The FCC Capital Area aims to:

  • Educate adoptive parents and their children concerning Chinese culture and society and the development of internationally-adopted children in American society;
  • Provide prospective adoptive parents and the public with information concerning Chinese adoption; and
  • Engage in other charitable and educational activities to foster and promote the adoption of Chinese children and the welfare of children in Chinese orphanages.

In keeping with the specific aims of the FCC Capital Area chapter, we will consider providing charitable support to other like-minded organizations that support one or more of these aims.


A like-minded organization should have:

  • Identified one of its primary purposes to support or advocate on behalf of Chinese orphans;
  • Received final or provisional 501c3Tax exempt status under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax code guidelines; and
  • Low overhead costs in order for most of the charitable contribution to directly benefit Chinese orphans and orphanages (generally low overhead would mean less than 30%).


The FCC Capital Area will provide the following types of support to like-minded organizations:

  • Make information available to the FCC Capital Area membership about organizations that share a similar purpose and common aims;
  • Provide financial support to organizations that sponsor individual or multiple orphans or orphanages, based upon the availability of FCC Capital Area funding; and
  • Participate in one or more annual fundraising events that support like-minded organizations (e.g., national FCC Orphanage Appeal).

Process to Identify Like-Minded Organizations

When a particular organization is identified by, or brought to the attention of, an FCC Board member, an evaluation will be made by the board as to whether the organization meets the criteria for potential support by the FCC Capital Area chapter. If the organization meets all of the boardís criteria the name of the organization (and its contact information) shall be added to a list that will be used to inform the FCC Capital Area chapter members about the organization.

Whenever possible the board should achieve consensus about whether the organization meets its criteria for support. In the event there is not consensus among the FCC Capital board members about an organization, then a vote will be taken within a week of notifying all board members and a two-thirds majority of those voting will prevail.

FCC Capital Area will provide information about these organizations to its membership in the following ways:

  • Post a list of organizations with their contact information (name, phone numbers, email address, web site URL address, and description of the organizationís mission and services) that appear to meet all of the boardís criteria on a new web page on the FCC Capital Area web site entitled Charitable Organizations. The list of organizations will be accompanied by a disclaimer indicating that these organizations are not endorsed by FCC Capital Area and that all decisions about supporting any of these organizations are individual family decisions and that FCC Capital Area will have no liability in the event information is discovered that would indicate an organization has misrepresented its purpose, provided inaccurate information, or has not used charitable contributions in a manner consistent with its stated mission.
  • Include information in the FCC Capital Area Newsletter in a section entitled Charitable Organizations that would provide an overview of one or more like-minded organizations and refer readers to the charitable organizations page on the FCC Capital Area web site.

  • Provide information from time to time via email to all those who elect to receive such email notices about like-minded organizations.

Process to Provide Financial Support to Like-Minded Organizations

FCC Capital Area operates with a modest budget focused primarily on facilitating the first two aims of the FCC Capital Area chapter, and currently has limited funding to support the third aim.

The FCC Capital Area board will decide upon the best ways in which to engage in other charitable and educational activities to foster and promote the adoption of Chinese children and the welfare of children in Chinese orphanages.

The primary manner in which FCC Capital Area will support like-minded organizations is by making information available to its members and allowing the members to decide whether or not to support any of these organizations.

From time to time the board may facilitate/coordinate fundraising efforts to provide financial support for like-minded organizations. This may occur annually by identifying and featuring one or more opportunities for its members to provide financial support to a specific organization(s) that is experiencing success in accomplishing one or more of the common aims of the organization(s) and the FCC Capital Area chapter.

Process to Review List of Like-Minded Organizations

The FCC Capital Area board, or one of its representatives, shall periodically review the list of like-minded organizations that meets it criteria for potential charitable support to ensure the organizations on this list continue to meet all of the boardís criteria. This review shall take place no less often than once every two years.


The intent of this policy is to provide guidance to the FCC Capital Area chapter when it attempts to engage in charitable activities to accomplish one or more of its aims, especially when attempting to engage in charitable activities to foster and promote the adoption of Chinese children and the welfare of children in Chinese orphanages. This policy is not meant to provide guidance in all of the boardís interaction with all charities.



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Created on: May 29, 2007