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FCCCapital Membership

Membership is open to all families at any stage of the process of adopting a child from China. Information provided will only appear in the FCC/Capital Family Directory with your permission. It will not be shared with any other organization.

Click here for PDF Membership Form

During January 2014 the FCC Capital Area Board voted to reinstitute membership dues. After receiving a report from our treasurer we realized that we would deplete all our funds before the year end. In fact, our treasurer indicated we were in danger of not having funds to meet our upcoming financial obligations due by the end of the month.

We have minimal overhead – our website domain renewal and hosting fees, insurance, annual registration with the state of Virginia and monthly banking service fees. We need a minimum of about $1000 per year for these expenses and most of the annual payments are due in January. Immediately after voting to reinstitute these dues, all the board members filled out the membership form, and wrote checks to ensure we would have enough funds to cover the expenses associated with Chinese New Year / Lantern Festival celebration we planned to host in February.

When scheduling events we try to price them to break even to keep the costs as low as possible for our members. At times we subsidize the cost of some of these events so it is always good to have some extra funds in the bank account.

Several years ago we voted to eliminate membership dues. We had excess funds in the FCC Capital Area banking account and saw no reason to let them sit idle year after year and so decided to spend down this balance and make membership free. However, recently we realized we could no longer afford to do so, if wanted to continue functioning as an organization.

The board decided to resume the same membership dues that were in place several years ago - $25 per year per family or $60 for years of membership. Since FCC Capital Area is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization all donations are tax deductible so we added a line on our FCC membership form for families who chose to make a donation above and beyond the membership dues.

Membership dues will continue to allow us to provide the following support to our children and families:

· FCC Capital Area Newsletter
· Email announcements of interest to our members
· Participation in FCC annual events such as the Chinese New Year celebration.
· Participation in monthly FCC events such as the Chinese cooking classes and the Chinese book group
· Seasonal events such as a summer picnic
· Special events of interest to our families (e.g. , preview of the film Somewhere Between and a meeting afterwards with the film’s producer; Terra Cotta Warriors and Zheng He exhibits at the National Geographic Exhibit museum, etc.)

FCC offers a community you cannot find anywhere else. We offer the fellowship of families who have a shared experience like no other.

Going forward we will continue to price any FCC Capital Area events at a break-even cost for our members but will charge higher prices for guests and non-members.

Attached is FCC Capital Area Membership form for Calendar year 2014. We welcome all of you and hope you will join with the board members and many of those families who attended the FCC Capital Area Chinese New Year/Lantern Festival Celebration on February 9, 2013 who have already renewed their membership for the year.

You can mail the completed membership forms to me along with your checks. I will forward the checks on the treasurer. I plan to use the members forms to create a membership directory that will be sent to members via email.

My address is as follows:

FCC Capital Area
c/o Wes Hagood
20417 Peckham Street
Ashburn, VA 20147

Please make checks payable to FCC Capital Area.


Wes Hagood,
President of FCC


This web page is maintained by membership@fcccapital.com